My Attempt at Comedy

“Sorry, you’re not deficient in cookies.”

This was my answer to a very important question. Luckily the guy who asked was a generous soul and a comedian (for real, does improv in front of people!), and he smiled at my feeble attempt at humor. It was my first Group Cleanse class over six years ago, back when I held them in-person. Once our second meeting dispersed, he approached with his question:

“Are my cravings for oatmeal cookies an indication that I’m missing some nutrients in my diet?”

After we shared a laugh, we had a conversation about cravings and how sneaky they can be. While it’s very possible that he could have had nutritional deficiencies, strong cravings for refined carbs/sugar seven days after giving them up are most likely attributed to other physiological responses, including detox (the foods we crave may actually be the foods that do us harm) or their role in stimulating the release of feel good neurotransmitters.

You’d better believe if your body has been used to a regular supply, a change will be noticed. To be totally honest, there are usually between 3-6 days of various levels of cravings/detox. And during that time you learn a lot about yourself!

A few things you can do to ease the discomfort:

1)     Eat a balanced breakfast. Start your day with protein, fiber and fat.

2)     When a craving hits, ask yourself what’s behind it? What are you feeling that needs comfort?

3)     Physically move. If you’ve been sitting, get up, change locations, stretch.

4)     Enjoy a ¼ of an avocado with a sprinkle of salt

The great news is after seven days, if done in a healthy way, it typically gets much easier. The worst is over. And you come out the other side a changed person. You want different foods. You feel great. You take better care of you.

And, YES, It’s worth it!

“What a great experience!  Crazy thing… I was so looking forward to going back to eating my “normal way,” but I find myself thinking more about how I get to eat yummy clean burning fuel. My family and I are truly grateful!” ~ Rod Tucknott.

“I totally thought I’d be pounding down doors to eat all the treats I couldn’t have the past few weeks… But I’m not finding it difficult at all… That is a testament to how well this program has worked to reset my thinking about food. I love it!”   ~ Toby Levy Lowe

You too can embrace this change. Imagine how amazing you’ll feel after just 21 days!

I’d love to help you rock your world. Establish your “new normal”.

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