3 Parts to a Whole Body YES

I get lots of questions and some have nothing to do with nutrition. People are curious to know what it’s like to scrap the preplanned path (Nursing), follow my own rhythm,  and hang up a shingle. We all want to live a life that is nourishing beyond our wildest dreams!

The cool thing is the exact same tools I used to make my decision to follow my dreams to become a Nutrition Educator and Natural Chef (and leave the safe and accepted career) are part of what I teach clients to help align with their lifestyle changes.  

#1 Take just a minute here with me to think about a time when you came to the logical conclusion that something made sense. Maybe you made a list of pros and cons or read Consumers Reports- any choice that a Vulcan would be proud of and helped you feel like a smarty pants.

#2 Now sink into your heart. Travel back to a decision you made that completely resonated in your heart. A YES that filled you with Love. Bring yourself back to that moment. Remember how that JOY felt.

#3 Drop down into your belly. Your power center. Connect with it. Trace back to your undeniable gut feeling of “THIS is it”, no question about it. Recall how good it felt to be this solid in your choice.

Now scan your history to see if you can land on a time when you experienced all three at once. (Don’t be shocked if your eyes well with a tear- this is a sacred moment. I still am moved to tears when I do this.)  

When I decided to opt out of Nursing school after 2 years of prerequisites, 2 years on a waiting list, and 1 year of long days and nights in the hospital/classroom  (plus disappointing my father, appearing like a quitter, giving up financial security, etc… ) I HAD to have my mind, heart and belly in alignment otherwise I wouldn’t have had the courage. My beloved father didn’t talk to me for 6 months! Had I not felt a YES from my three channels of wisdom, I’m honestly not sure I would have had the strength to follow though and live my passion.

Making life changing decisions (the ones that stick), whether career or nutrition, require this whole body yes.

If one or more of these channels feel distant, that’s OK. I’ve been there. It took me some effort to be able to listen to what my body said. And I often hear that one just feels “off” (the belly especially). I created Satiated Soul to help. In this six week group program I walk you through meditations and tools to deeply connect to the core with each of your channels of intuition. Let me teach you how to use food as a portal to infinite body wisdom and life changing awareness.