A friend in need…

Some of the hardest and most beautiful words to utter: I need help.

Those words are hard to hear sometimes too. Like when a loved one is sick or grieving.

What’s even harder than hearing those words? Watching them struggle alone.

Gently offering support, letting them you know you care, and asking what you can do goes a long way. If it feels more appropriate, you can connect with a close friend or relative to communicate your wishes to allow space for healing.

One of the million things they may need is food, made with love. 

You WANT to do something to help- anything that will ease these moments. And you can absolutely make a meal (or bring some health staples) to help.

I’ve put together a list of ideas and a few recipes (CLICK HERE) that are meant to make it easier to come up with a plan. (They’re also excellent options for making ahead for yourself, because you matter too.)

Offering food is a sacred act.  

It’s a present from the soul.