Awww Nuts!

In an effort to improve your health did you…

  • Switch to raw almond butter over peanut butter?
  • Drink a cold glass of almond milk instead of dairy?
  • Snack on the oh-so-easy-to-pack baggie of almonds and raisins?
  • Enjoy a gluten free pastry crust made with almond meal?

Kudos to you for enjoying the health benefits of this beautiful food.

But don’t go too nuts!

Nuts are a very common allergen, plus they’re also difficult to digest, and these reasons could lead you to not feeling your best.

So although they offer fantastic nutrition, eating a specific type of nut might not suit you. For example, I had a friend in culinary school who was sensitive to Brasil nuts and cashews. I have another friend who can no longer eat walnuts. And, me, well, I developed a sensitivity to, you guessed it, almonds. What did we have in common? We all developed a pattern of eating our particular favorite nut several times a week which led to over exposure, and ultimately problems.

Generally speaking, we get ourselves into trouble when we rely on a small handful of foods.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) relies heavily on wheat, corn (next time you see a bottle of something look for xanthum gum), soy (it’s in almost every packaged food) and dairy. Adding new, healthful foods is a wonderful idea, and I encourage it. But please don’t swap a reliance on a short list of foods for another limited selection no matter how much praise they get from health nuts (sorry, couldn’t help myself!).

One of the best ways to mind your health is to rotate foods throughout your day/week/year. Keep trying new things, bust out of your rut, and enjoy all the season has to offer.

Start Here: Take a look at the foods you eat daily and ask yourself :

“How can I increase my variety to reduce my risk of developing sensitivity?”.