Beauty as a Teacher: Sustainable Seafood

offshore lobsterInitially I was struck by the sheer beauty of her plates as I saw them on social media. I KNEW there was a story behind it, and I was right. I had to meet Mia Shark the owner/visionary of Offshore Restaurant. As an avid diver and having lived in Hawaii, Mia’s love of the sea is evident. With her background as an event planner and caterer, she combined her passion and talents to open one of the best restaurants here on Utila to spread the word of sustainable seafood through exquisite food.

What I connected with the most is her subtle way of teaching that appreciation for what’s on the plate can help us bring mindfulness to our choices. Delicious meals can be delivered to your table without causing depletion of resources, wasteful bycatch, and destruction of precious reef systems. And that small, intentional, and reverent foods can be more satisfying than a trough full of rice and beans.


If you’re ever in this part of the world, stop in and enjoy a spectacular meal. And here are a couple of resources to check out if you want to learn more about sustainable seafood and other restaurants that serve them.


Fish2Fork  This is new to me. It’s a global restaurant guide for people who want to eat fish – sustainably.


Seafood Watch App. Love this. Makes it so easy to pull up when ordering at a restaurant or buy fish at the store.


Coconut Kisses!


P.S. Shark really is her legal last name!