Bursted Tomato-Chicken-Broccoli Salad

How does dinner on the table in 10 minutes sound?

You know me by now, I think cooking for yourself is THE most effective way to be healthy. So I’m sharing one of the tricks up my sleeve to get a vegetable rich meal on the table in a hurry.

Why not give yourself a present! Making extra chicken one night to use later in the week is a perfect gift (and it doesn’t even need a bow)!

The trick of easy weight management and health is to make sure you enjoy lots of vegetables every chance you get. They are filled with fiber (to keep you full, and um, regular), antioxidants (to keep you healthy) and vitamins (to keep you feeling your best).

Watch today’s Kitchen Quickie episode for your simplest dinner solution. It’s healthy, it’s hearty and it can keep you happily fed in no time.

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