Creature of Comfort

I love being comfortable. 

I seek it out. My bed is divine and, trust me, high heels are very, very rare. Soups and stews feel good. You can count on me to find a way to get settled into my current circumstances whatever they are. I’ll find the silver lining, the up side, the joy. Over the years I’ve gotten better and better at this skill.

You too?

If you recognize that, on occasion, you have to make efforts to move out of what feels “good” to experience more, perhaps even what feels “great”, join the club. It can stir up feelings of guilt (just appreciate what you have and don’t ask for more!) or fear (what if it feels less than good?!) or shame (what will people think of me?). Comfort could shift to stagnation if you let those thoughts reign.

Approaching change with curiosity, whether it’s a way of eating, a different job, or even a new haircut, helps soften the edges of debilitating self-talk. To embrace change, start with wonder. Ask yourself “What would it feel like if…?” By opening yourself up to thinking about various possibilities, you also open yourself up to taking the actual steps needed to create action.  And, for the record, you absolutely deserve great. 

How do you approach comfort, complacency, and change? 

What works for you? When do you feel “stuck”? What’s your first move to create momentum? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share by clicking here for my Facebook page.