Do You Use Food to Dim Your Light?

One of the very coolest things about working in this field is that part of my job is hanging out with other healers. We talk shop. We brainstorm. We mastermind.  And I get a glimpse behind the curtain.

You need to peek too. 

Not one Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Energy Healer, or even Nutritionist I know eats ideally all the time. In fact, a pretty common theme is using certain foods to keep them “grounded”.

Most in the healing fields have an idea of the foods they need to eat to maximize their resonance. You know, foods that connect them to their highest energetic vibration. But not all of them are comfortable in this place at every moment. In fact, some feel like because of their unique set of gifts, they need help keeping one foot planted on terra firma.

Some feel splurging on low-vibration foods keeps them from floating off into never-never land. Or, could it be that is a really clever way to rationalize eating foods they feel are “wrong”? (My feelings about “wrong” is a whole other Tidbit!)

They aren’t alone. This it isn’t just about being grounded. Or “bad food”. Or guilt.

It’s partly fear. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, mom, CEO, hairdresser or postal worker (or all of the above)-you are powerful and are here to spread light and love. Fear can be a detour. It has you question your gifts. Play small.

Do you use food to dim your light?  How does eating sugar, flour, refined foods, alcohol (or whatever doesn’t help you feel your best) contribute to you hiding your magnificence?

The next time you reach for something that isn’t in alignment with your nourishment intention, ask yourself:

“Am I ready to shine?”

Start an honest conversation with yourself in the moment and see what you learn.