How to Maximize Nutrition

Video Time! Scroll to the image and click.

As a Nutrition Educator and Natural Chef people are often surprised when I say the food you eat doesn’t determine your nutrition intake. (You should see the looks I get!) What DOES determine it you ask? Great question!

Your net nutrition is determined by what you absorb and assimilate.

And this is dependent on your healthy digestion.

I’ve made a quick little video for your viewing pleasure. I thought I’d summarize the How and What of one of the biggest problems affecting us: Leaky Gut. (fyi… this is one of the reasons food allergies are on the rise, brain fog torments us, and we’re plagued with chronic aches and pains.)

So, pull up a seat, click the video to watch your special class to get the 411 in record time. (And find out why on Earth I’m holding a toilet paper roll!)

digestion snip

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