Looking to sizzle up your upcoming event? Bring it to life with one of Maria’s signature talks. Let’s get this party (and the healthy dialogue) started!

These popular presentations are locked-n-loaded and ready to roll:

  • Your Nourishment Journey
  • The Leadership of Self-Care
  • Forget Willpower
  • Maximizing Brain Health Through Food

Tell me what you have in mind. I can create the perfect program for your group to inspire and motivate real change.

Listen in on the buzz…

“Your presence is so professional, informative, accessible, spirited, clear and purely joyous. You rocked it!”
Renee Barsa, Elements Consulting
Organizer of the Ventura Public Health Master the Disaster Program

“Our events are always so much more engaging when you present! You have a way of really getting participants thinking, involved and inspired. Thank you!”
Rachil Willig, L.Ac., CN, Owner Sage Center for Health

“Maria’s clear, compelling approach made the information more interesting to digest…she’s a fantastic presenter!”
Aydin Bengisu, L.Ac.

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