About Maria

What do you get when you mix laid-back California cool with a healthy dose of Greek passion … plus, a heaping portion of nutrition education + healing … along with a dash of culinary sass?

You Get Me!

California living and my Greek immigrant father inspired my “Caliterranean” cooking style: a mix of old world tradition with the best of a fresh, west coast perspective.

I’m determined to find the easiest, and most enjoyable, path towards wellness and then take you along for the ride! Because you can master simple, doable strategies to enjoy clean food and healthy living anytime, anywhere … even in the midst of a hectic day.

But its more than that. The heart of my life’s work is helping those longing for connection and meaning experience life-changing self-care through food. As a trained Natural Chef and Nutrition Educator I can help you fall madly in love with your food: a vehicle to reconnect to yourself, one bite at a time.

In my role as an intuitive guide, consultant and lifestyle coach, I’m dedicated to helping superstars prioritize themselves (finally) so they can amplify the impact they have in the world. I coach groups and individuals towards more inspired, mindful eating, including cooking (and eating) as an act of spiritual expression and self-love. ♥

As a well-seasoned much sought-after speaker, I’ve made appearances at dozens of healthcare events where I educated and inspired hundreds. I hold a Masters of Science in Health and Nutrition Education and have a background as the Nutrition Educator at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Center for Brain Fitness. Not to mention over 10 years of experience leading groups and individuals to profound ‘ah-ha’ moments.

My Personal Mission

After several surgeries before the age of 5, including the removal of most of a lung, and countless Doctors telling me I’d “never function like other kids” and “I’ll learn to live with it” I felt less-than capable for many, many years. Luckily I have always felt connected to the beauty of Energy bigger than myself. Experimenting with food and seeing how its the tangible connection with a power beyond the physical realm has transformed my life. And I want the same for you. You do not have to suffer through the maze of diets, count calories or carbs, or struggle with the feeling of overwhelm. Food isn’t the problem. It can be your answer. Allow the sacred onto your plate. It’s my honor to show you how.

For Fun

When I’m not playing in the kitchen, strolling the Farmer’s Market or coaching you’ll find me in the Pacific blue body surfing or playing Frisbee on the beach with my husband and our adopted dog, Criddle. Fridays are reserved for meditation class with my soul sisters (a group of friends for 20 + years!) and girl talk over lunch. Having once sung with Sublime on stage, and as a closet belly dancer and country singer, you just might see me bust out finger cymbals or a microphone at a venue near you.

Are you ready to fall in love with food? 


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