Pretty sure you don’t want to hear me sing (in the shower). At best, I’m an average gardener (my poor veggies). And I’d rather do almost anything besides paperwork (particularly taxes).

Helping you become a Zen-flow-Ninja-Superstar in the kitchen? That I can do.

So, here’s my question to you, oh domestic Goddess:
After an exhausting, feeling burnt-to-a-crisp day of running errands and rockin’ your business and lovin’ your family (the partner, the children, the pets) …
I’m sure you just grooooove on getting into the kitchen to create a healthy, fresh meal. (Hmmm, did I detect an eye-roll?)

I’ll show you exactly how to bring the Love back into your kitchen, your food and your life––one delicious meal at a time. (So your boudoir gets more action than your microwave.)

Why? Because cooking your own food changes EVERYTHING.
You become more connected to nature, life, yourself.
You feed your body bountiful health, and feel the difference when every cell thrives.
You notice how time slows, energy expands and possibilities flourish.
You feel empowered, and back on track with the life you are meant to live.

Cooking and eating can be THE most loving acts you can do for yourself.

How you approach food, cooking and eating is a tangible way of how you communicate with yourself. What is the story you really want to tell? I’m here to help you whisper sweet nothings and explore food as your language of love.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, or mysterious. You just have to start. One meal, and one bite, at a time.