Working with Maria was a profoundly soulful experience and a beautiful investment.  I definitely felt like she had my back and really cared about me and what I wanted out of our work together.  She went above and beyond checking in on me each week to send reminders or to just to say she was there.  I discovered I loved slowing down to make meals and experience the delight in eating; learning to make it a sacred act really lit up my soul.  I feel like taking my time with choosing food is a nurturing act to my soul.

Amy Nash

“You put so much into our class and I am looking forward to continuing on. This is such a well-rounded journey for me… I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have any cravings for the things I used to eat: chips, cookies, fast food, coffee….you name it, I ate it. I feel so PEACEFUL with my existence and how I approach my food choices.   I know I have only just started this journey, but I feel forever changed because my awareness is so heightened. Anyway, again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Robin D.

“The Clean 3 is a wonderful program to help you learn how to nurture yourself with fresh, healthy, homemade foods.  Maria’s continued support, encouragement, and expertise were always there to make changing daily habits, centered around food, so much easier.  She inspired us to feel good about what we were doing, and to not try for perfection.  Her recipes, tips, and encouragement to ask questions led to a lot of learning for all of us.  I recommend Maria, and the Clean 3 program, to anyone who wants to feel empowered to  treat themselves to a healthier future!”   

Linda Menesez, L.C.S.W.

“I totally thought I’d be pounding down doors to eat all the treats I couldn’t have the past few weeks [on the Clean 3]… But I’m not finding it difficult. That’s a testament to how well this program worked to reset my thinking about food. I love it!”

Toby Levy Lowe

I was feeling sluggish and had noticed my eyes didn’t have that ‘spark’. Maria helped me get my spark back!

Yvonne Parsons

I am shocked with my increased energy and better sleep. The food was amazing!

Maureen O'Hagan

Thank you! I have such a new and great perspective on food and health thanks to you. You’re such a wonderful motivator and educator.

Shannon Maxwell, R. N.

Maria has an incredible passion for health and nutrition which translates into every aspect of her amazing program. I have never felt so good! This process has basically helped me to eliminate all of my digestive challenges.

Kirstin Candy

Eating out was costing me $600-800 a month. Cooking at home & enjoying more organic & high quality foods has cost me less money & given me a healthier body, mind & attitude!

Stacie Clenet, LMT, RCST, CLT

Thank you so much for teaching me that healthy eating can be fun and yummy. I’m inspired to cook again.

Norma Siever

I can’t say enough good things about Maria. She made me accountable without being pushy or condescending. Every thought, comment or lesson comes from a place of love and passion for healthy food, so it is easy to take in. I got it. It wasn’t just in one ear and out the other. Maria’s information is backed up with science and real data in a way that I could understand.

In the last 3 months I’ve lost a ton of weight – 35lbs if not more! My tummy is happier and I’m not feeling yucky after eating. Most of the time I have way more energy. I just feel better from head to toe. My mental health has improved too. I’m so proud of myself!

Katy Lietz Montecino

It was so brilliantly holistic- I loved hearing about others’ experiences and recipes. Maria really went above and beyond to ensure success. I loved the experience.

Macie Berlin

Thank you Maria! You have inspired me to clean up my (eating) act and I feel better than ever. You have a dynamic way of integrating scientific, grounded information with very approachable and well thought out presentations making change easy to implement. Three years later, I’m still committed to healthy nutrition choices. I wish everyone looking to increase productivity would consider working with you. There’s such a huge connection between supporting cognition though diet and the ability to perform well, both physically and mentally. Thanks again!

Sara Caputo, MA, owner Radiant Organizing and Productivity

Maria – thank you, thank you, thank you! I was able to easily change my eating habits and embrace whole, nutritious foods that satisfied my palate and my soul. And let me tell you – that was something I had thought would be difficult at best. Now I actually look forward to going into the kitchen and making my own meal – thank you for providing delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes. Best of all is the support and encouragement you provide along the way! You rock!

Rochelle Zanini, Diamond Lotus Reiki

Maria is a one-of-a-kind, phenomenal teacher who speaks to both the head and the heart. I’ve completely transformed my life from the inside out. I was always hungry for the wrong stuff. I needed someone to hand me a simple plan I could follow along with a big supportive spirit. I found Maria and all I can say is hallelujah!

Just think … food tasting better than you’ve ever imagined AND being good for you, having a supportive group of like-minded soulful foodies cheering you on, and a non-judgmental guide who can gracefully move you through a journey of self-love and true nourishment. Thank you Maria!

Kris Katsuko Oster, Mythic Rhythm

I thought my diet was perfect, but (you) opened my eyes to “glitches” in my thinking and diet. The results have been amazing. I lost 6 pounds, sleep better, have better bowel function, and have less desire for sweets.

Dennis Weston

I want to thank you for the amazing experience. Such valuable information you shared and your support and knowledge is so appreciated! You have been a breath of fresh air and I thank you for helping me clean up and clean out! I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Valerie Carney

What a great experience! Thanks Maria Schonder! Crazy thing… I was so looking forward to going back to eating my “normal way,” but I find myself thinking more about how I get to eat yummy clean burning fuel. My family and I are truly grateful!

Rod Tucknott
Director UCSB Adventure Programs

Maria’s expertise in nutrition for brain health was a significant addition to our program. Clients and Patients raved about Maria. Her experience, knowledge and gentle enthusiasm helped inspire and change lives. We were lucky to have her on our Brain Fitness team.

Darcy Keep
RN, Nursing Director
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

The presentation was well done, to the point and VERY interesting. I heard nothing but good comments and employees came to my office to thank me for having the wellness program in place. Needless to say, the CEO is happy. THANKS for being so wonderful and so good to us.

Erma Leticia Cervantes
Human Resources Director- Bega US

One of the foundations of negotiation is confidence; and becoming an empowered leader starts with leading oneself. What I loved about Maria’s program is she helped me dust off the cobwebs surrounding my self-care mojo. This, without a doubt, helped me perform better in my work, and life. Working with Maria was a fantastic investment.

Lisa Gates
Co-Founder, She Negotiates