The Best Oil I’ve Ever Had

coconut oilGetting into the groove here in the Caribbean… veggie variety is hard to find. No problem. The darkest green leafy is iceberg. Ok, we’ll live. But I drew the line at oils. I’m a stickler for some things and this is numero uno. 
On the shelves of the stores there are plenty of cooking oils, but I couldn’t bring myself to use any of them. Vegetable oils, corn oils, vegetable shortening and other highly refined rancid oils are terrible for the body so I had to hold out. We’re in the land of the coconut and coconut oil is an excellent high heat cooking oil. I KNEW there had to be something special, and boy, I was not disappointed.
After asking around, I met a woman on Facebook who sells homemade coconut oil made by a local Garifuna family. It is THE best oil I’ve ever used in my life. 
The first thing I noticed was it’s in a bottle. With a neck. I don’t know where you live, but back home I need a wide mouth jar because this stuff is solid 95% of the time. I gotta scoop not pour! It’s warm here (I love it, but, fyi, my computer didn’t. It died on day 3) so a bottle works just fine.
The next thing I noticed was the smell. It’s like no other coconut oil I’ve had. So rich! And with a hint of smoke. I learned they make this old school style, over a fire. See how special this is?!
And then, the taste. Oh jeez. My curry never tasted so good! Even just the slightest drizzle used to saute my ginger, green onions, jalapeno and garlic elevated it to a more complex flavor profile.
I got so curious as to how coconut oil is made, I poked around on YouTube and found this video. I will absolutely make my own before I leave. Please let me know if you do too! I’m Facebooking while away… connect with me here.


coconut kisses!