These mistakes sucked. I know ‘cuz I made them.

Mistakes feel yucky. 

And on top of that I felt stupid because I knew better. But I was stuck in this wacky pattern that had me bouncing around like a rubber ball. 


I let shame get the best of me.

I hid wrappers. I lied about what I ate.

That cycled into a vicious spiral of guilt and remorse and humiliation.

Wash, rinse, repeat.


I gave in to authority outside of myself.

I believed what my doctors told me:

That I’d “never” keep up with the other kids.

That I had little to no influence on my health. That I’d “manage”.



I didn’t listen to my intuition.

I heard the whispers, but I ignored them.

I KNEW there was more, I knew I was MORE, but I let fear fill my head.

I fell into the trap of nutrition experts, cultural norms, expectations, and societal pressures.

Magazines. Best-sellers. Media. Celebrities.

I kept trying what was supposed to work. It didn’t. At least not for long.


I thought small.

I had my nose pressed up against the glass and didn’t see the big picture.

I focused too much energy on the minutiae and not enough on simplicity.

I made it harder than it had to be. I didn’t allow magic in.


I disconnected from my body.

I separated my physical self from my spiritual self.  From my emotional self.

I was splintered and chasing my tail trying to reintegrate.


I didn’t feel good enough.

I practically shape-shifted to please others because I thought the real me wasn’t deserving.

I spent my time, my attention, my resources on others.

It wasn’t until I grasped that I was the only thing standing in my way that my path smoothed out.

And the cool part is, once I committed to myself, it became easier and easier to hold that place of consistently enjoying health supportive foods. 

At some point I said “enough!”. I wanted to stop zigzagging and finally stay consistent with healthy eating. I decided to get real (and get out of my own way).

If you’re bouncing around like a rubber ball, are you ready to let that go?

You absolutely deserve your own Satiated Soul.

Super BIG hugs n squeezes.


satiated soulYOU