What Color is Your Thumb?

My thumb is brownish. Or, perhaps I’ll call it loden green.

I’ve never been known for my gardening. Gophers, bunnies, poor soil, limited sun… I can come up with heaps of excuses. I’ve become pretty good with regular visits to the Farmer’s Market, a CSA box, and Whole Foods though. Truth be told, I’d LOVE to walk out my door and pick my dinner. I have a few of things growing this year – yellow squash, kale, tomatoes and lemon cucumber. My best year yet.

And now I want MORE.

Have you heard of Tower Gardens? I’m doing some research on them and I thought I’d share what I’ve learned. My friend Maria is an expert so I picked her brain. Before I go on, know that I’m not making one penny from this– I’m not an affiliate nor a partner. It’s just been a goal of mine to grow my own foods and I think I need the push! (If YOU decide to buy one, I will say Maria is AWESOME. Total sweetheart. Here’s her website.)

Tower Gardens are a self-contained, efficient, vertical garden system. I thought they were just for greens so I was super thrilled to learn that not only could I grow lettuce, kale, chard, cilantro, parsley… I could also grow fennel, tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, zucchini,  strawberries, flowers, herbs, and even melons!

I think what I like most is it’s a self-watering so the hubs, Criddle and I can travel when we want. And for us in drought ridden California, it claims to use less than 10% of water than land produced produce. Oh, I also totally dig that I can move the whole thing (if I put it on wheels). We recently bought an itsy bitsy beach cottage and coastal fog has us appreciating, and chasing, all moments of sun!

I’m seriously considering buying one.

I figure I spend at least (at least!) 20 bucks a week on veggies for the two of us. That’s over $1000 a year. (I’m NOT complaining. Quality food is my top priority! And that is actually a pretty small investment for health.) I’ll see a return on my initial $550 investment in the first year.

I guess I’ve really been thinking out loud here. Does this all make sense? I’m usually an old fashioned traditionalist, but frankly I don’t have the space to plant a field of veggies. What do you think? Come say Hi on Facebook and let me know if you have a Tower Garden or are thinking about it… I’d love to get your take on them.