You are not your diet. You are you. And you are beautiful.

My heart burst open reading a Facebook post this week. Someone I’ve never personally met, a fellow cooking instructor at my local Whole Foods, Brother Echo, posted a picture of a juicy burger he was about to eat.

What’s the big deal you ask? Well, he has a big, loyal following. And posting that picture was courageous. You see, he used to be a passionate vegan. He had been booming voice for that lifestyle. Until that moment.

It’s not that I’m pro-meat or anti-vegan. Not at all. I am, in every interpretation, pro-choice. In each moment we have the POWER of CHOICE. That’s my platform.  

Those of you who’ve followed me for years know I’ve never called myself vegan, vegetarian, paleo or macro- EVEN when I chose to eat that way. Why does this matter to me? Because labels discourage change… curiosity… openness… willingness to listen in. 

I know great, inspiring people who love being RAW vegan (check out Steve Factor. He’s awesome!). I know fantastic, healthy people choosing the paleo lifestyle (a friend Nikki from culinary school has a fun blog Clean Plate Chef). I can, and do, learn from them.

I also know famous vegan chefs who indulge in fish, eggs, cheese behind closed doors. I’ve seen an uber popular paleo promoter chow down a basket of bread then slink away remorsefully. The issue isn’t that they ate these foods. The problem, as I see it, is they haven’t allowed space for themselves to evolve. To grow. Or even to just test the waters to find out “what happens if?”.

Keep questioning. Be inquisitive. Snoop. Probe. Pay attention to what you hear as your own TRUTH at any given moment.

Allow the   e  x  p  a  n  s  i  v  n  e  s  s   of  YOU.

You are not your diet. You are you. And you are beautiful.