Personal Wellness

Do you feel in sync with your food? With your life purpose? With yourself?

If you’re looking for a strategic (and dare I say delectable) way to bring it all into harmony, start in your kitchen.

I get it. Finding your groove can feel overwhelming. And, I completely appreciate that adding one more thing to your to-do list might just feel like a deal-breaker. It doesn’t have to be.
Here’s the kicker… we’ll make it FUN and easy.

You’re hungry and deserve to be satisfied.

You want to feel contentment deep down in your belly, with what fills you up.
It’s not just about calories. It’s about your soul. By adapting a completely different approach to feeding yourself you’ll blaze your own path to happiness.

I know you’re a rock star. Consider me your backup singer. My role is to help you shine.

As your devoted and fun-loving kitchenloveologist, I’ll assist you with:

  • Time Management and Planning. I’ll show you how to make time your personal cabaña boy.
  • Easy and Quick Healthy Cooking Techniques. Simplicity rules. Take the path of least resistance.
  • Mindfulness. Think Zen monk meets Baryshnikov. We’ll gracefully choreograph deep peace into your kitchen and throughout your entire day.
  • Personalized Education. Because your body isn’t like anyone else’s. THAT’S the good news.
  • Creating your own Sacred Approach, so the process speaks to you in ways that are meaningful.

Ultimately, it’s all about you.
Your desires. Your story. Your life.

Would you be open to the following changes…

  • You ditch the diet and release 5, 10, 15+ pounds without trying
  • You embrace calm, sustain energy levels, enjoy life, sleep like a baby, and wake up refreshed and ready for each day
  • You enjoy cooking two more (delicious) meals a week at home and save well over $700 a year (per person!)
  • You no longer go to bed feeling guilty or promising yourself “tomorrow will be different”
  • You embrace (as in you actually WANT to eat) low inflammatory and detoxifying foods allowing your body to self-regulate and heal
  • You become a Zen-Ninja-Flow-Superstar in the kitchen and feel pride in your healthy, and tasty, creations
  • You no longer use the excuse of “not enough” money or time and finally embrace the beauty of abundance, and your potential, once and for all

Whadda ya think … which ones do YOU want?

This is what I want for YOU… and what I am gifted at uncovering:

  • Cut through the noise and stop listening to the endless chatter of nutritional nonsense to find YOUR food balance
  • Uncover your core WHY, and what (so you can replace the limiting stories you tell yourself over and over)
  • Learn the secrets of listening to your body (even when it whispers)
  • Juice up your mojo through meditation
  • Secrets to really loving food (and self)
  • Master the art and meaning of giving and receiving. YOU deserve it hot stuff
  • Embrace food as a natural part of the beauty of life, not as the enemy
  • Cuddle up to a life of nourished self-love
  • Allow creativity, freedom and ease into your kitchen and nutrition choices
  • Celebrate momentum, live in the present moment and get excited about your new future

To learn more about specific offerings please saunter over to my Personal Programs.