Your Resolution Revolution

If resolutions have left you feeling like a failure in the past, maybe this is the year for something a little different. And I mean very little. Like micro.
Instead of taking one ginormous leap on January 1st, how about embracing the spirit of Micro-Changes? My clients continually reach their big goals by breaking them down into what initially appears insignificant (and, well, super-duper easy).
How does it work?
Say you’re looking to drop 20 pounds. Instead of a New Year’s resolution of drinking green smoothies every day for lunch from now to eternity, you could implement a micro-change of one lunchtime smoothie a week. Isn’t that an easier commitment? Something you’d rather implement?
Figure out small, attainable first steps and take action to accomplish them.
If the smoothie thing is a good fit, you could up it to two next week. The following week maybe add one additional raw green leafy serving at dinner, and then the next, perhaps reduce refined carbs by half…
If you make one small change a week you’ll overhaul your entire diet in a couple of months. It really can be that simple.
And these changes STICK a heck of a lot longer than the see-ya-later-come-March resolutions.
We often fight the path of least resistance because we’ve been taught to believe change is hard. Or small changes don’t produce results. Really?
Take a look at the Grand Canyon… a gorgeous example of what micro-changes can accomplish!
Happy New Year!​